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Oxford College's business management program is designed to equip students with the versatile, dynamic skill set they need for a variety of exciting, high-level managerial careers. In just 38 weeks, you will learn how to improve efficiency, organizational policy, and operating strategies for almost any business.

Coupled with training in communications, human resource management, quality assurance, and more, this innovative program will make you an asset to prospective employers in a wide range of fields.

Students Will Learn How to:

  • Provide advice and analyses on managerial methods and organization for public and/or private sector establishments
  • Conduct research to determine efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and programs
  • Assess and propose improvements to methods, systems, and procedures in such areas as operations, human resources, communications, and records management
  • Conduct quality audits as well as develop quality management and assurance standards for International Organization for Standardization registration
  • Plan an institution’s reorganization of its operations
  • Provide supervisory assistance of contracted researchers and/or clerical staff