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Colleen Quade

My experience so far at Oxford has been a good one. It has been nice to meet a few people, I do enjoy the smaller classroom size, it makes for a great learning environment. I have a great teacher and I have had great interactions with any of the admin staff that I have needed to work with. I’m always happy for quick responses to questions and fast email replies.

The transition to online learning when Covid-19 struck went much smoother than I ever anticipated so that was great and I have been totally loving school online in this platform. I appreciate that we are safe (or as safe as possible) with this approach to continuing our education, and am very happy to continue this way.

I really value the timing of the classes (being in the morning) which allows for flexibility in other schedules.

So far, so good…Its been a great fit for me personally.

Colleen Quade

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