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Leigh Ann Bowles – IODA Instructor

After a LONG wait, our class is finally back in the dental clinic! The students were ready last Friday in their crisp new scrubs, and enthusiastic attitudes, eager to get started with some hands-on learning.  Even though we covered a lot of material online over the past few months, nothing compares to being able to learn things in person and interact with each other face to face, or should I say mask to mask.

We are familiarizing ourselves with the amazing modern equipment in the clinic, and staying up to date with all of the guidelines in relation to sterilization and PPE. We will soon be delving into the world of radiography, developing our X-ray taking and interpreting skills. It won’t be long before these students become experts in taking impressions, passing instruments, and providing oral hygiene instruction to our patients. Looking forward to all of the learning that lies ahead!

Leigh Ann Bowles – IODA Instructor

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