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10 Reasons High School Students Should Attend a Private Career College

Do your parents want you to go to university? University is a great option for some high school students, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not excited about the idea of university, you may be wondering what other options are available.

After graduating high school, you could attend a private career college. Here are 10 reasons why high school students should consider attending one of these colleges.

1. To Get a Career-Focused Education

Many university programs don’t prepare students for a specific career. Students learn about general fields like English or history, and then they need to figure out a career after they graduate.

At a private career college, you’ll get a career-focused education. You’ll know from the start what career you’re preparing yourself for.

2. To Enter a High-Demand Field

You’ve probably heard about people graduating from university and not being able to find work. Career colleges offer programs in high-demand fields. For example, they offer programs in healthcare careers like dental hygiene and denturism.

3. To Get Hands-On Experience

Have you always hated learning from books? Not everyone learns well that way. Private career colleges offer hands-on training, so you’ll get to learn by doing. Even better, you’ll have hands-on experience in your field when you graduate.

4. To Join the Workforce Faster

University programs take four years or more to finish. Even if you go to a public college, you could be studying for two to three years. You may not want to wait that long to start working full time in your chosen field. Private career colleges offer compressed programs, so you can get your training in a short time.

5. To Start College Sooner

Universities and public colleges don’t have flexible start dates. Students need to start their studies in September or January. At some colleges, summer starts are available. If you miss the application deadline, you need to wait for the next session. Private colleges have flexible program start dates, so you can start your studies right away.

6. To Learn from Experienced Instructors

Private career colleges hire instructors with real-world experience. If you’re studying dental hygiene, your instructors will be actual dental hygienists. If you’re studying denturism, your instructors will be denturists. Since they have real-world experience, they can pass on unique wisdom to their students.

7. To Have a Flexible Schedule

Private career colleges understand their students have responsibilities outside of their classes. They offer flexible schedules that allow you to maintain a part-time or full-time job. Or, you could use the flexibility to spend more time with your friends or family.

8. To Have Small Class Sizes

Canadian universities are known for their very large class sizes. There can be as many as 1,000 students in a class, which means you won’t get much one-on-one time with your instructors. Private career colleges have much smaller class sizes, so your instructors will know your name.

9. To Benefit from Career Services

The whole point of going to a career college is to get started in your career. Colleges understand that, and they offer career services to help students find work. Through career services, you can learn how to create an effective resume, write a cover letter, or even build your interview skills.

10. To Learn Close to Home

Some high school students want to go to far-away universities, while others want to stay close to home. If you want to stay close to friends and family, look into private career colleges in your area. Private career colleges are conveniently located, so you can live at home while you study. Living at home helps you save money since you don’t need to pay for a dorm room or apartment.

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