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3 Reasons Why You Should Work as an Animator after a Video Game Design Program

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The video game industry today is a multi-billion dollar field, extending from immersive console epics anxiously hyped by fans to the simple puzzle games enjoyed on smartphones by millions. All these games have something essential in common. They’re all worked on by video game design animators, professionals who ensure the world of the games behave in the way players expect. 

Animators are invaluable parts of any video game team. They help to produce characters that can express a range of emotions and movements, take static objects and allow them to move in beautiful ways, and develop original visual content. The distinctive look of the fields a hero knight prances through on his way to a castle, or a spaceship zooming through intergalactic terrain, are made possible through animators. Read on for some reasons why this career may be a good fit for you. 

Game Animators Should Have an Analytical Mind 

Despite the artistic title of the position, prospective game animators should understand that many aspects of the job are not just creative, but technical as well. Professionals who move into the video game field from an animation pathway should have rigorously analytical minds, constantly observing their work with a sharply critical eye. A strong mathematic background is an asset for a person in a video game designer career, and programming knowledge is necessary. 

Today, video game animators spend a lot of the job working on computer applications. A profound and critical understanding of the principles of computer science is necessary for these professionals to cast scenes into motion successfully. Engaging with technology is a significant part of the job, and competence with software is part of what makes an animator successful. 

Creativity and Curiosity Are Important Parts of the Job 

Though technical adeptness is one half of the job, being a creative, naturally curious individual is the important other half. Graduates of video game design courses should have the perfect blend of left-brain and right-brain skills to make them pros in the animation field. If you are a highly artistic person with a close eye for detail and endless opinions on how things can look better, this career may be right for you. 

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Being a creative person is a requirement for working as a game animator

To be a top animator in the video game industry, aspiring professionals should have access to a well of natural curiosity. This will help avoid boredom while spending long lengths of time animating scenes, and provide opportunities for locating inspiration in every aspect of life. 

One way that creativity and curiosity can manifest in a person is through a sense of humour, which is a useful form of creativeness for the video game industry. Are you adept at fishing the humour out of everyday situations? Animation may be a great place to hone your talents. 

A Video Game Design Career Provides Constant Opportunities for Learning

Those with a passion for research will find themselves at home in an animator career. Video game animators are constantly learning and improving their skills. One of the most fulfilling parts of the field is the satisfaction of continuous growth, building on past ideas and techniques to get better with every new project.

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Video game animators are constantly learning new things and building on their craft

A vital skill for video game animators is the ability to concentrate deeply and become entirely engrossed in the task at hand. A scattered, easily divided attention span is a central obstacle for prospective animators wanting to break into the field. If you become easily absorbed in projects and are truly appreciative of opportunities to learn and improve, this career may be right for you. 

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