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3 Underrated Qualities that Can Help You Excel After Dental Assistant Training

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A career as a dental assistant may appeal to you because you are compassionate and enjoy helping people. Dental assistants must be able to make sure clients are comfortable and informed throughout their visit to the dentist. Kindness and care are indispensible qualities for this job, but there are other professional qualities that will also help you succeed as a dental assistant.

Similarly, being a good communicator is a well-known requirement of the job and those with strong interpersonal skills may also be drawn to this profession. Your ability to communicate professionally with dentists, hygienists, and clients is an integral component of dental assisting. If you are interested in becoming a dental assistant it is likely you are compassionate and communicative, but you might wonder what other qualities are necessary to excel in this career. Read more to find out!

1. Dental Assistants Have Confidence in Their Technical Knowledge

After you complete dental assistant training there are many different responsibilities and roles you may take on in a dental office, community health centre, educational institution, or clinic. For example, you may have to take and develop X-rays, polish teeth, prepare dental instruments, and more. These tasks are technical and require someone who has the relevant knowledge and is confident when applying it.

dental assistant trainingDental assistants have to have technical skills and good dexterity

Your ability to perform technical tasks will come from an attention to detail and a full understanding of oral health. Technical knowledge will also contribute to your capacity to make sure a client is comfortable as you assist dentists and hygienists with various dental procedures, since they will see your confidence shine through.

2. Learning Continues After You Finish Your Dental Assistant Courses

Even though you get hands-on experience in your dental assistant courses, you will learn a lot on the job as well. Learning continues because part of your job may be educating clients on oral hygiene.

Dental assistants aren’t exactly teachers, but it may be up to you to make sure that clients have information about how to maintain their oral health between visits. It will be necessary to make sure that the information you give is clear and that clients fully understand it. You don’t have to quiz a client, but a good educator knows how to check in to make sure their lessons get across.

3. Reliable Dental Assistants Keep an Office Running Smoothly

Reliability refers to a combination of qualities including being dedicated and a hard worker. Your work connects dentists, hygienists, and clients who must rely on you for a variety of reasons. Whether making sure a dentist has the right dental instruments ready or ensuring a client’s comfort in the dental chair, you’ll be relied on for a number of different things. Being reliable means you are committed to doing your job well, which shows your co-workers and clients that you are an important member of the dental care team.

Nov 14 dental assistant coursesWorking as a dental assistant means becoming a reliable part of a team

Your responsibilities may also include scheduling client appointments, documenting dental procedures, ordering dental and office supplies, invoicing, or other administrative tasks. In these cases, your office and its clients will depend on you to complete such tasks professionally in order to keep the office running smoothly, which will make everyone’s jobs easier.

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