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5 Signs a Career in Network Administration Would be an Excellent Fit for You

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Working as a network administrator for businesses in the public and private sector could be a great option for tech savvy students interested in taking on a technical support role. These highly skilled professionals are becoming hot commodities as the software and technology sector continues to grow across the globe.

Whether it is because you enjoy working on or learning more about operating systems or have an interest in network security, there are a number of different ways to know whether you’re ready to pursue this career. Read on for five signs that you would make an excellent network administrator.

1. You Can Communicate Complex Network Concepts to Others Clearly

Being able to communicate difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner that can be easily understood is an impressive skill. Network administrators working for small or large businesses may often need to explain and simplify certain network security issues, problems, and technical jargon that some business owners and other stakeholders may not be very familiar with.

Another important part of being an excellent communicator as a network administrator is being able to listen actively in order to understand any network issues a business might have and provide the proper IT support.

2. You Have a Passion for Learning and a Willingness to Improve

With software and technology changing all the time, it’s important for new network administrators to have a desire to learn throughout their career. Professional network administrators will often need to learn more about emerging network software and new network maintenance procedures as their career progresses.

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 Network administrators are always striving to learn more every day

In fact, depending on where you choose to work, you may be expected by your employers to take initiative in learning about these changes and ensuring that you are up to date with the latest best practices. If you’re committed to learning, and see it as a means of sharpening the skills you already possess, then enrolling in a networking school may be the right choice for you.

3. Graduates of Networking Schools are Self-Motivated and Responsible

While a network administrator can work as part of a larger IT team for a business, the nature of the job is often independent. As a result, network administrators need to be self-starters, capable of motivating themselves to handle their many important responsibilities.

The role also requires constant focus, and an ability to multitask in order to ensure that errors are avoided and problems promptly addressed. If you are capable of motivating yourself to perform quality work, even without supervision, then you should consider this career.

4. Being a Good Problem Solver is Essential for a Career in Network Administration

Businesses need network maintenance and technical support specialists that they can rely on to effectively troubleshoot problems and find quick solutions. Being effective problem solvers, professional network administrators can think critically to effectively diagnose the source of a network issue.

Whether it is a problem with the router or modem, a server hardware failure, or a link failure, great network administrators must be committed to resolving the problem swiftly, and getting networks back up and running so that businesses can continue their operations unimpeded.

5. Professional Network Administrators Have Excellent Attention to Detail

When troubleshooting network problems it is important that technical support specialists and network administrators pay close attention to various details, such as the source of network downtime, troubleshooting steps, and symptoms of the problem.

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 Network administrators need to notice the small things

Once the network issue has been resolved, a network administrator program graduate may need to keep a record of the problem, and ensure that the network is working as expected. Skipping past any of these important details can lead to even more problems in the long-term.

Are you ready for a great career in network administration?

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