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How Professionals with Paramedic Training Are Helping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put enormous pressure on healthcare services around the world. Healthcare workers like doctors, nurses, and paramedics are on the front lines protecting communities while putting their own lives at risk.

First responders like paramedics are normally the first on the scene at any medical emergency. They are responsible for stabilizing the patient and getting them to the hospital quickly and safely.With the added pressure of COVID-19, day-to-day life has changed for paramedics. Read on to find out how paramedics are continuing to save lives throughout this pandemic.

Paramedics Are Treating Patients at Home

Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus, paramedics would provide pre-hospital emergency medical care to patients and transport them safely to hospital. At hospital, doctors and nurses in the emergency rooms would provide further treatment and medical care.

In the current state of emergency, paramedics are starting to treat patients on-site or in their homes when possible. This is because emergency rooms and hospitals are becoming overcrowded and might not have the necessary resources to treat the growing number of patients.

paramedic training
Paramedics are treating patients in their homes to prevent emergency rooms from overcrowding

This requires extra attention from professionals with paramedic training and is just one of the ways that paramedics are going above and beyond to care for people during this difficult time.

Stop the Spread of Infection After a Paramedic Course

Trained paramedics will already be aware of the correct health and safety procedures to stop the spread of contagious diseases and infections. Now this is more important than ever, as coronavirus can be spread through close contact.

Paramedics are taking extra precautions by regularly disinfecting all equipment that they come into contact with, including door handles and steering wheels. As well as this, paramedics need to ensure that they are washing their hands regularly. Their efforts to keep care equipment and vehicles sterile will help to tackle the spread of infection.

Paramedics Are Putting Their Own Lives at Risk

As a paramedic, you will be putting yourself at risk on a regular basis to save others. As part of a paramedic program, you will learn the skills, knowledge, and communication skills to help others in an emergency situation. First responders, including paramedics, are on the front lines and are exposing themselves and their households to the coronavirus as part of their day-to-day work.

To protect themselves and their families, they will need to wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes N95 respirators, protective masks, goggles, sterile gloves, and protective gowns.These extra measures protect the paramedics and their patients.

paramedic program
Healthcare workers on the front lines need to wear PPE to protect themselves and others

First responders like paramedics are doing brave, lifesaving work right now. Their efforts are not going unnoticed, and many communities are putting up signs and organizing evening cheers and claps in recognition of the brave heroes working in healthcare.

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