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Interested in Esthetician Training? 3 Tips for Success in the Industry

esthetician program

Estheticians can find work in many settings, including spas, beauty salons, retail establishments, electrolysis studios and more. Some estheticians even go on to build and run their very own businesses!

If you enjoy helping people, are patient, caring and compassionate, you may be a good fit for an esthetician career. Read on for three important tips for success once you’ve completed your training and are ready to begin your new career.

1. Use Creativity to Land New Clients after Your Esthetician Program

Whether your future plans include working in an existing establishment or starting your own esthetics business, it’s likely that your appointment book may not be completely full from the get-go. Since you’ll be starting out, you probably won’t have many clients at first, but this is to be expected. Estheticians rely a great deal on word-of-mouth in order to build their client lists. That’s why you’ll need to work hard and get creative to obtain new customers and build lasting and loyal relationships with them.

esthetician diplomaA good esthetician program will equip you with the esthetics skills needed to build a loyal client base

An esthetician program will give you the technical skills needed to provide a great service to clients, as well as the business and communication savvy you’ll need to land and keep those clients.

One creative way to score clients is to use online tools like social media to showcase your services. You might ask some of your close friends and family members if you could perform some services on them and use before and after photos to fill up your social media feeds.

You could also create contests and giveaways and ask users to comment on your photos or provide their contact information in exchange for gift certificates or reduced pricing on your services. Once you’re given the opportunity to provide a great service and experience to clients, you’ll find that they are likely to return for more of your services, growing into loyal customers.

2. Good Interpersonal and Professional Skills will Help Advance Your Career

If you’re a friendly person, keeping a positive attitude as an esthetician will help you build your client list. At the same time, it’s important to remember that whether you are running your own business, or working in a salon, spa or other facility, you always need to maintain a professional demeanour. That means being on time for all your appointments and maintaining a clean and organized work area, both of which will show clients and your employer that while you’re easy to get along with, you also take your job seriously.

Friendliness and professionalism are key ingredients for a successful career in esthetics. If your employer and clients see that you have this essential combination, you are far more likely to advance in your career, either through promotions or by landing new clients.

career in estheticsOnce you’ve earned your esthetician diploma, remember to keep clients happy by providing great service

3. Never Stop Learning New Things in Your Esthetics Career

At the end of the day, no matter how friendly or professional you are, you still need to provide a quality service to your clients. For estheticians, that is best done by training through an esthetician program that emphasizes practical, hands-on experience, such as applying body and facial treatments, removing unwanted hair, and treating fingernails and toenails. Many esthetician programs will also provide training in essential business skills, and can even be completed in less than a year—getting you closer to starting your dream job.

But remember, your training doesn’t end once you finish school! To really excel in your job as an esthetician, you should be striving to learn and refine your skills throughout your career. That can be done by attending trade shows, for example, or by reading esthetician blogs and articles.

Are you ready for a career in esthetics?

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