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Interview Questions to Prepare for After Your Medical Lab Technician Program

Once you complete your medical lab technician program, you’ll be looking to enter into the workforce. Searching for great job opportunities can be a daunting task—as is the process of preparing for interviews and going through the application to find that perfect fit. However, being prepared is key to making a memorable impression. 

To get through these crucial interviews with ease and comfort, it can be helpful to go over these types of questions in advance. You can expect to be asked a broad range of questions, covering general topics as well as more specific hypotheticals that aim to shed light on your skill level and education. 

Providing Personal Answers to General Questions

During your interview, you might be asked general questions like “Why do you want to work for us?” or “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. Employers could also prompt you to share more information on who you are and what you like to do, as well as the reasons for why you decided to become a medical lab technician. Although general questions typically lead to general answers, you can still stand out by making each response personal and meaningful. 

You can personalize your responses with short anecdotes and detailed descriptions, sharing your interests, your goals, and your inspiration. If you decided to become a medical lab technician because you want to help others, for example, this could be a great thing to mention.

Answering Questions on What You Learned from Your Medical Lab Technician Program 

As a medical lab technician, your strong technical foundation will be paired with valuable interpersonal skills that enable you to better communicate with colleagues effectively. These skills would be evaluated through a focused set of questions, ones that serve to extract information on what you have learned from your medical laboratory technician program. Such questions can be about different lab equipment you have used, as well as your go-to methods for organizing and prioritizing your work.  

Employers can prompt you to share your response on the following: how to maintain a clean and safe environment, how to use different devices to gain accurate test results, or how to examine various equipment to ensure that everything works smoothly. An employer could also ask how you would behave in case of a disagreement with your co-worker as a way of gauging your teamwork abilities. 

Medical lab technicians rely on strong communication skills to work effectively in teams

Sharing a Meaningful Experience from a Work or Class Environment

During your interview, you could be asked to answer more personal questions about your experiences working with others in a lab environment. Here, you can rely on your hands-on experience gained from past medical lab technician courses or from previous work opportunities to relay meaningful encounters and pivotal moments in your career. 

It is worth noting that employers might ask detailed technical questions about lab equipment. Mentioning your experience with these specific tools can help employers get a better sense of your ability to learn on the job and adapt to new obstacles. In these cases, it would be best to prepare short anecdotes of when you overcame stressful circumstances or when you accomplished a major goal or milestone. Telling these stories will give the employer a clearer picture of who you are and why they should make you a part of their team. 

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