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Interview Questions You Can Expect After Training for a Career in Dental Hygiene

When training to become a dental hygienist, it’s important not to forget about what comes after you gain your certification: the interview. 

In a dental office, a dental hygienist is entrusted with a large amount of responsibility, making it important for an employer to ensure that they’re hiring the right person. This means asking the right questions to assess a candidate’s level of experience and qualification. If you’re studying to become a dental hygienist, here are some of the most common interview questions that you may encounter, as well as some ways to answer them. 

Employers May Ask How Your Career College Training Prepared You for the Job

One of the most important things for an employer to know about the candidate they’re interviewing is whether they have the knowledge and training necessary for the job at hand. In order to get a sense of your experience, an employer may ask you about your education. If you’ve received career college training from Oxford College’s dental hygiene program, you can mention receiving hands-on instruction that prepared you with the practical knowledge along with the theory necessary to succeed as a dental hygienist. Throughout the interview, you can reference procedures and treatments that you’ve mastered during your training.

Reference your career college training to show employers that you’re qualified for the job

You May Be Tested on Specific Knowledge

In an interview, employers might test your knowledge by asking how you would go about determining a client’s oral health status, or what course of action you would recommend upon discovery of various conditions. To demonstrate how your training has helped you to prepare for a career in the field, you can answer by referencing your knowledge of diagnostic tests and equipment, as well as your ability to identify conditions such as periodontitis or gingivitis. By showing that you have the level of knowledge to perform well in a dental hygienist role, your employer will know that you’re qualified for the job.

An Employer Will Want to Know How You Interact with Patients

In addition to being knowledgeable about oral health and treatment procedures, employers will want to find out whether a candidate has the interpersonal skills necessary to interact with clients. Dental hygienists spend all day with clients, and the quality of their work is often improved by their ability to form a relationship and build trust with these people. Forming a relationship with a client helps dental hygienists to effectively educate them on home care and oral health practices. Additionally, clients may be anxious or stressed about the prospect of a visit to the dentist, making it important for dental hygienists to maintain a calm and reassuring demeanor.

An employer will want to know that a candidate can interact with clients

During an interview for a dental hygiene position, an employer might ask questions surrounding client care to determine your interpersonal skills. They might ask you how you would approach educating a client on an oral health topic, or what techniques you would use to calm a client down. When answering these kinds of questions, it’s important to provide examples of occasions when your communication abilities have been put to the test, and how these situations have helped you to prepare for a career in dental hygiene.

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