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Is a Massage Therapist Career Right for You? 3 Ways to Know for Sure

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Are you thinking of pursuing a new career in massage therapy, but aren’t certain if it’s the right move for you? While there are some aspects of the career you may be uncertain about, you probably know what you want, specifically, out of your next job—like flexible hours and the ability to help others, for example.

Understanding your main career objectives is an obvious first step to embarking on a new path. To help you determine whether massage therapy is in fact the right choice for you, here are three things you should consider.

1. If You Want to Help People, Consider a Massage Therapist Career

Some people receive massages for stress relief while others may need them for health reasons, such as if they are recovering from an injury, for example. What’s consistent with massage is that it helps people. That’s why those who enjoy helping others are typically driven to this line of work.

A good massage therapist is naturally empathetic and caring. Their personality helps clients to feel relaxed and well taken care of. They are attentive listeners and can adjust their techniques to fit each client’s needs. If you have an empathetic personality and are a good listener, massage therapy is a career that will allow you to put your natural skills to good use.

2. Falling Out of Love with Your Office Job? Massage Therapy Offers a Unique Change

If you feel that a typical 9 to 5 office job is no longer the right fit for you, a massage therapist career might be worth looking into. Massage therapy differs from traditional office jobs in many ways, since it is more flexible and requires more physical movement. For example, massage therapists are on their feet a lot and use their hands throughout the day. While the physical aspect of the job can be challenging for some, for many, it is precisely what draws them to this type of work.

Furthermore, massage therapists can find work in a variety of interesting settings, including spas, resorts and private clinics. Some massage therapists even find work travelling and working in the homes of their clients. Others work for professional sports teams, ensuring athletes receive the physical care they require.

Massage therapists can also have more flexibility in their schedules, since a lot of their work is by appointment, making this a great career choice for those with commitments and responsibilities outside of work.
If you’re looking for a career that allows you to have more flexibility and the ability to work in an array of interesting settings, look no further than massage therapy.

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3. Are You a Self-Starter? Be Your Own Boss After Massage Therapy Courses

In addition to wanting to avoid the typical office environment, you may also want a career that allows you to be your own boss. According to Statistics Canada, 62% of massage therapists are self-employed. Self-employment gives you the freedom to set your own hours and work as much as you like. If you are highly motivated, self-disciplined and have good business skills (or you’re willing to learn them), then you could find success as a self-employed massage therapist.

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Self-employment can take many different forms depending on your specific goals. For example, you could operate your own business and take care of all aspects of running it, such as marketing, buying or renting property and ordering new supplies. Or, you could also start off a bit slower working as a self-employed message therapist on contract with a local spa. This setup still gives you a lot of control over your schedule and lets you put the skills you learned in massage therapy training to use, while allowing the spa take care of the more business-oriented decisions, like marketing and reordering supplies.

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