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Looking for a Career Change? Explore These 7 Different Certifications

The majority of people change their careers at least once. Sometimes, the career you chose fresh out of high school isn’t a good match for your life as an adult. New technology can come along and make your original career obsolete. You could get burned out and need a change. Of course, you might decide you want to make more money. These are all good reasons to look for a new career.

While you might have transferrable skills to take to your new career, those aren’t always enough. In many fields, you need to have different certifications to be considered for jobs. These certifications show employers you’re qualified for your career change. Here are seven different certifications that career changers might want to consider.

1. Accounting and Payroll Administration

If you’ve always wanted to be a bookkeeper, this certification could be for you. With this certification, students learn how to keep financial records. They also learn how to post journal entries and maintain general ledgers. Calculating payroll, completing tax remittance forms, and completing other government documents is also taught.

With this certification, graduates can work at private or public companies, or even start their own businesses.

2. Business Management

Business management certifications are a good choice for people who want to own or manage companies. Students learn about managerial methods and policies. They learn about operations, human resources, records management, and other aspects of business management. They also learn how to reorganize business operations.

With these skills, graduates can hold managerial roles in businesses.

3. Advanced Esthetics and Spa Operations

For people who are already working in an office and want a change of pace, becoming an esthetician could be ideal. In an advanced esthetics and spa operations certification, students learn how to perform facials and other treatments. They also learn how to remove unwanted hair, perform manicures and pedicures, and apply scalp treatments.

These skills can help you get a job in a spa.

4. Community Service Worker

Do you want to give back to the community? Look into a community service worker certification. With this certification, you’ll learn about non-violent crisis intervention and communication techniques. Students also learn how to work with high-risk populations, including people with mental health issues or addiction.

Graduates can work in places like group homes or shelters.

5. Dental Hygiene

Dental health is important, and as a dental hygienist, you can help people keep their teeth healthy. Dental hygiene certifications give students the knowledge to conduct dental assessments, take x-rays, and apply fluoride treatments. Students also learn how to remove deposits from teeth and how to clean gums.

These skills prepare students for work in a dental office.

6. Primary Care Paramedic

Have you always wanted to help people? Different certifications can help you achieve that goal, such as primary care paramedic certifications. Primary care paramedic certifications teach students how to assess people’s injuries and administer pre-hospital care. They also learn how to start IV treatment and how to administer medications.

With these skills, graduates can work for ambulance services, fire departments, hospitals, or private companies.

7. Video Game Designer

If you’re looking for a more unusual career, being a video game designer might be for you. Video game designers work on concepts for video games and help new games come to life. Video game designer certifications teach students how to produce game concepts. Students also learn how to bring concepts to life with computerized images and drawings.

Graduates can work for video game studios. Some students might decide to start their own game studios.

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