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Modern Makeup Trends: A Lookbook for Students With an Esthetician Diploma

Just like all things, makeup trends come and go as time passes. While super-thin eyebrows and heavy lip gloss might have been popular in the early 2000s, in 2021 we’re seeing a very different approach to makeup-wearing. Given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the toll that the extended lockdown period has had on all of our social lives, it’s been an interesting year to predict which makeup trends would come to dominate once social gatherings were permitted again. 

However, now that we have a clearer picture of post-lockdown life, there are a few new trends coming to the forefront which can be identified. If you’re seeking a career in esthetics, familiarizing yourself with a few modern trends will help you to brush up on your skillset and offer your services to clients looking for the latest looks. Below, discover five makeup trends you can expect to see in your future career!

1. During Your Career in Esthetics, Master the Colourful Eye

After more than a year of wearing masks, the colourful eye has developed as a trend that looks like it’s here to stay. With people looking for a way to show off their style while staying safe, colourful, expressive eyeshadow has become a way to pull a look together and make heads turn. During your career in esthetics, try using vibrant shades when working with clients, and experiment by pairing colourful eyeshadow with different shades of eyeliner. 

Makeup wearers are turning to a colourful eye to express themselves

2. “No-Makeup” Makeup Is In

One of the latest developments in the makeup industry is the prevalence of “no-makeup” makeup. This look is pulled together with a clean-looking face, characterized by dewy foundation and highlighter, a light shade of blush, and neutral lips. Whether this look is worn on the runway or in the workplace, mastering this trend will enable you to help clients explore their natural beauty.

3. Lipstick Is Back and Better Than Ever

There’s plenty of new lip trends in 2021 – and one of the most exciting is the return of lipstick. Lipstick wearers are going for romantic colours like burgundy, peach, berry, and red-orange, giving makeup wearers plenty of opportunities to match their outfit with their lipstick shade. If you’re completing your esthetician program, consider adding lipstick application to your repertoire of skills, as it’s sure to be an in-demand service in the year to come. 

Vibrant lipstick shades are out to play in 2021

4. Head Back in Time with These 90s Looks

There are plenty of nods to previous decades in the makeup trends surfacing today. More and more people are using mattes, graphic liners, and muted colours such as soft pinks, baby blues, light greens, and lavenders. These looks scream the 1990s! Similar to recent fashion trends, makeup wearers are moving back in time to pay homage to styles of the past.

5. Natural Foundation Is the New Norm

While heavy contour and matte foundations were popular in the 2010s, what’s made a comeback in the 2020s is a more natural look when it comes to foundation. A new product called “demi-matte,” a foundation that’s both dewy and matte, is changing the game, keeping the skin looking natural and smooth while covering up any unwanted blemishes. In 2021, makeup wearers are embracing their complexion, using foundation as a way to enhance what’s already there rather than to hide it. When putting foundation on clients during your esthetician career, try using a more natural-looking foundation to give them a more modern look.

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