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Online and Hybrid Delivery


Details of orientation, including the date and time will be communicated to all students by email. Orientation will take place in the week prior to the first day of class and will be conducted through Zoom. Should students have any difficulty accessing the orientation, they should reach out to their Education Consultant who provided the link, and alternative arrangements will be made to ensure that students have the information they need.

Online Platforms

Students will use three platforms for the duration of their studies.

Campus Login is a Student Management System (SMS), which students will utilize to manage and track student information and data. Some of the features available through this platform for students includes access to grades, schedules, academic and financial records, communication and notification of important information.

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS), which students will utilize in order to access all course content. Canvas serves as a virtual classroom, and students have access to the materials and resources required to support their learning. Prior to the student’s start date, details of an orientation to use Canvas will be communicated to all students. If a student is unable to attend a Canvas orientation, a presentation will be sent to them to review prior to the start of class.

Zoom is a communication platform that allows instructors and students to conduct virtual classes. Students must log into Canvas in order to be able to access Zoom and join the classes that have been set up by their instructors.

For any technical support regarding Canvas or Zoom, students may contact

If students have any questions about their Campus Login account, students are encouraged to reach out to their Education Consultant.

Equipment Required

The following technical equipment are required for online or hybrid learning:

  1. A Computer or laptop: Desktop, laptop, Mac or PC
  2. Computer system: Windows 7 or higher, Mac ios 10.x or higher
  3. Camera (HD Integrated Camera or HD external Camera)
  4. Microphone
  5. Internet connection (minimum 20 Mbps) and backup internet source (hotspot or data)

Microsoft Office Applications are recommended but not mandatory.

Verification of Identity

As per the Oxford College Camera Policy, students must verify their identity in the online platforms, particularly when completing online evaluations or assessments. In the case where assessments are conducted online, students must have their cameras on for the duration of the assessment. In the case where programs have communicated the mandate that students must come to the campus for the purposes of completing final examinations for the purposes of ensuring verification of identification in accordance with program-specific policies, students are not permitted to write their examinations online and verify their identity through camera.

User Credentials

Oxford College will provide user credentials to access the SMS upon activation and access to the LMS for students prior to enrollment. Students must keep any information regarding credentials issued for the purposes of participation in online or hybrid delivery private. This includes usernames, passwords, and access codes.

Digital Code of Conduct

Students must not record, photograph or share the words, ideas or work of other students.

Students must not engage in any inappropriate or unwanted discussion in any online format, including forum discussions or chat features.

Students must consider their privacy when appearing on-camera and on-mic. Any identifying information that compromises the privacy of the student or others must be left off mic and off camera for the purposes of privacy.

Students must not permit someone else to take part in their lessons or evaluations.

Privacy and Confidentiality

As per the Oxford College Privacy and Confidentiality Policy, Oxford College is bound by the Personal information Protection and Electronics Documents Act. Oxford College will protect the privacy of individuals and only provide access to personal information to authorized individuals who require the information in the performance of their duties and where such disclosure is necessary and proper in the administration of online or hybrid learning.


All costs associated with online or hybrid learning is disclosed in Schedule B of the Contract. Students are responsible for incurring fees associated with the purchase of equipment required for online or hybrid learning.


All policies applicable to Oxford College students remain the same for in-person and online learning. All policies are reflected in the Oxford College Student Handbook, which is provided to students prior to enrollment.

If any students have questions in regards to any aspects of online or hybrid learning, they are encouraged to reach out to their Education Consultant through email correspondence.

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