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Alex Parcells

I have been loving my experience with Oxford from day one, and I have never been so enthusiastic about schooling before, the Peterborough Oxford professors have really made my experience as well learning very easy and enjoyable on how caring they are for everyone’s future. Being in the IODA program and having Sandra as my teacher has been the best part of my Oxford experience so far. Her teaching skills and how highly positive she is every class, has made learning a lot of information super enjoyable and astonishing how much her teaching skills can implant into my brain.

I have been more than happy with Oxford, even though we have had a bit of a hiccup [with the pandemic]. The size of the classrooms makes it much easier for our professors to double-check that everyone’s understanding of all the information at hand, as well as following along in a timely manner. I have said nothing but amazing things about Oxford to friends and family, all my family knows how much I enjoy having Sandra as my teacher, and they all see with how well my marks have been while attending Oxford!

Alex Parcells

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