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At Oxford College, our students have the opportunity to develop their skills and education through both theoretical and practical experiences guided by certified professionals. Our students are provided with a study strategy that allows them to engage in their learning with instructors that support the individual development of our students without sacrificing their personal life. One example is that we provide an end to end journey including sharpening their interview skills and resumes so that our students are successful from the moment they complete the program. Students are encouraged to interact with their instructors through labs that provide supervised practical experience from a hands-on professional that will foster their in-class learning and prepare them for real career opportunities. As a student, you will also have the opportunity to network with other professionals who share their knowledge and experiences that will guide you on a successful career path. Not to mention our campus provides academic counselling throughout the journey to assist students as individuals with both personal and career goals and evaluating their progress utilizing resources from Oxford College. I am proud of my students who are enrolled in Oxford College and believe that we offer the best experience for students to succeed in their career goals.

Diana Vasile – IODA Program Instructor

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