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The Importance of Client-centred Care When You Become a Dental Hygienist

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Learning to provide services using client-centred care is part of being an effective and respectful professional in dentistry. This style of care prioritizes individual choices and needs, treating each client with care and consideration for their unique wishes or concerns. When people receive client-centred care, they often feel that their individuality has been acknowledged and their needs have been adapted to.

Client-centred care in dentistry can improve relationships between professionals and patients. It empowers people, helps them feel more at ease in a dentist’s chair, and creates a positive working environment. Read on for more about client-centred care and why this approach is important for dental hygienists!

Why Clients Feel Better When They Can Make Choices

A client-centred approach takes into account that different people will choose different options when presented with the ability to do so. Asking clients what they prefer is a small way to show respect and give them control over a situation that may otherwise make them nervous.

Many hygienists will check in to ensure that their clients are comfortable and adjust the environment within reason to help them relax. Sometimes, the little things can add up to make a client feel safe and positive about their experience. For example, you can let clients choose their preferred fluoride flavour. A diploma in dental hygiene that focuses on client-centred care goes beyond standardization and finds ways that hygienists can make a difference in how people view going to the dentist.

This individualized approach is particularly useful when talking about oral hygiene. The more you know about a client’s lifestyle and habits, the better you can advise them on how to care for their teeth. This increases the likelihood that they will follow through with routines and suggestions you present to them.

Young female dentist talking to her patient at dentist's office.Checking in with clients and letting them make choices gives them more control and comfort

How Valuing Humanity Matters When You Become a Dental Hygienist

The idea of valuing humanity and being kind to patients ties in closely with client-centred care. When you allow yourself to truly care about the wellbeing and comfort of clients, you will naturally treat them as individuals rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. You will also get to know your clients, which helps make your day-to-day more positive. Your attitude will shine through and put clients at ease.

Valuing humanity in health care comes easy to most people who pursue work in the field. You likely enjoy taking care of others and being the person they can look to for help when they feel uncomfortable. The leadership that dental hygienists can exhibit by letting their kindness lead the way can entirely change the atmosphere in a dental care facility.

Give Clients Information They Care About After Your Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Through your dental hygienist course, you’ll learn what kind of information can be given to patients as you treat them. Letting people have information about their care can make them feel much more in control of the situation, building trust between you and patients.

With experience, you will be able to tailor this information to individual concerns. Perhaps one of your clients likes knowing what things look like and will appreciate seeing visuals. Another client may find comfort in knowing how things will feel and what sensations to expect ahead of time. You can use this knowledge to provide each person with facts that improve their experience and increase their likelihood of complying with treatments and hygiene, which ultimately makes for healthier mouths.

Dentist explaining how to brush teethThe more you know about each client, the better your advice will be for their oral hygiene

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