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Top 10 Professional Diploma Programs to Take in Ontario

Are you ready for a new career, but not sure what careers are available? If you’re ready to make this change, consider returning to college. Professional diploma programs can help you make the transition to a new and exciting career. In Ontario, there are many professional diploma programs to choose from. You may need some help narrowing down which courses you should consider.

Here are the top ten professional certification courses to take in Ontario.

1. Accounting and Payroll Administration

Are you a detail-oriented person who loves numbers and working under pressure? Consider returning to college to study Accounting and Payroll Administration. This business diploma program will teach you to keep financial records, maintain general ledgers, and prepare financial statements. Graduates can find work as accounting technicians or bookkeepers.

2. Advanced Esthetics and Spa Operations

If you want to help people enhance their appearance, consider studying Advanced Esthetics and Spa Operations. Students in these professional diploma programs learn to apply makeup, remove unwanted hair, and apply scalp treatments. Graduates can work in beauty salons or other similar businesses.

3. Business Management

People who’ve always been interested in a business career should consider professional diploma programs in Business Management. In these courses, students learn about managerial methods and policies as well as systems like operations and human resources. Graduates can find work in managerial roles in businesses.

4. Community Service Worker

Do you want to make a difference and help people? Studying to become a community service worker could help you do just that. In this program, students learn how to work with high-risk populations and utilize community resources. Graduates can find work in family and child welfare agencies, community centres, or addiction treatment facilities.

5. Dental Hygiene

Interested in a healthcare career? Dental Hygiene programs may be just what you’re looking for. These professional diploma programs teach students how to clean the teeth and gums, take x-rays, and assist dentists with procedures. Students can find work in dentists’ offices, clinics, or hospitals.

6. Denturism

Denturism is another diploma program to consider. Students learn how to make impressions of patients’ mouths, construct dentures, and repair dentures. After graduation, denturists can work in their own private practices and see patients directly. Or, they can find work in dentists’ offices.

7. Massage Therapy

Do you want to help people treat their injuries or pain? That’s what massage therapists do. Students learn how to assess soft tissues and joints so they can propose treatment plans. They administer massage techniques and suggest home care instructions to help patients feel better. Massage therapy graduates can be employed by rehabilitation centres, group practices, or clinics.

8. Primary Care Paramedic

People who’ve always wanted to help others should also consider studying to become a primary care paramedic. Students learn how to assess the extent of patients’ injuries and how to administer pre-hospital care. After graduation, primary care paramedics can find work with ambulance services, hospitals, or fire departments.

9. Network Administrator

If you’re technologically inclined, consider studying to become a network administrator. Students learn how to set up and maintain networked computer systems. They also prepare to write industry-recognized certification exams. Graduates can work in technical support roles in both the public and private sectors.

10. Video Game Designer

Do you love playing video games? Professional diploma programs can help you break into the industry and make your own video games. Students learn how to produce game concepts, how to digitize images, and how to lay out their designs.

After graduation, video game designers can work for large game studios or indie studios. They can even start their own game studios.

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