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What to Expect from Private Career Colleges

Did you know that 92,000 students enroll in Ontario’s private career colleges every year? These private colleges don’t get as much attention as public colleges and universities. High school students who are researching their post-secondary options may not even know private colleges exist.

These private colleges have a lot of benefits for their students, and they’re the right choice for some high schoolers. If you decide to attend a private career college, here are some of the things you can expect.

Career-Focused Education

Going to a public college or university is expensive, and everyone wants their investments to pay off. After graduation, you want to be able to find a good-paying job that’s related to your field of study. However, many new graduates aren’t able to find that. Part of the reason is universities are more focused on theory than practical hands-on career training.

Private career colleges get their students ready for specific careers. Their programs are designed to prepare students for careers in high-growth industries. For example, students at private career colleges may be trained to become dental hygienists or primary care paramedics.

Teachers with Real-World Experience

At public colleges or universities, teachers may not have real-world experience in the subjects they’re teaching. They may have extensive academic experience in their subjects, but that experience doesn’t always translate to non-academic environments.

Private career colleges hire teachers who have worked in their fields of study. For example, students in massage therapy programs will be taught by teachers who are highly experienced as massage therapists. They teach students based on their own expertise and experiences working in the field. They can also answer students’ questions about finding employment in the industry.

Hands-On Training

The job market has changed, and today’s companies often don’t train workers anymore. People change jobs more frequently than they did in the past, so training employees isn’t worth the investment. Students who leave school without any practical job skills may have trouble finding work, since employers will choose to hire people who don’t need training.

Private career colleges provide significant hands-on training to their students. Students are able to put their skills into practice before they graduate. They can gain the real-world experience that’s necessary to find a job. With real-world experience, graduates can start work without needing additional training from their employers.

Start Your Career Quickly

Public college programs typically take two or three years, while university programs take four. Students in these programs have to take general education courses that aren’t related to their desired careers. These courses aim to make students more well-rounded, but they also keep them in school longer than they may want to be.

If you’re eager to start working, or if you need to find a job soon for financial reasons, you may not be able to wait four years to start your career.

Since private career colleges offer career-focused training in long-term career paths, all the programs are applicable to your future career. This means you’ll be finished the program more quickly. Some programs take less than a year to complete, and then you can begin your career and start making money.

Career Services

After you graduate from public college or university, it can be hard to find a job. New graduates may not know how to look for jobs, or they may not be able to find any jobs in their desired fields. Without career guidance, they can end up settling for jobs that aren’t related to their studies.

The goal of private career colleges is to prepare students for employment, so they offer career services. As part of these services, students can get help with their resumes or cover letters. They can practise their interview skills and learn how to network effectively. The school may even help arrange employment activities with employers in their networks.

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