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3 Character Traits That Can Prepare You to Become a Dental Hygienist

become a dental hygienist

Becoming a dental hygienist is a great decision if you want a career that is in high demand and pays well. According to Statistics Canada, the job outlook for dental hygienists across Ontario is strong and the current median wage is $36 per hour.

However, you may be wondering if you have the right personality to thrive as a dental hygienist. While many of the skills of great dental hygienists can be taught in dental hygienist courses, there are certain character traits that can really set you up for success. Let’s look at three traits that indicate you’re especially well suited to a dental hygienist career.

1. Compassion Can Help You Become a Dental Hygienist that Patients Trust

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist, and in some cases, that fear can be so bad that it can cause them to delay getting important dental work done until serious oral health issues develop. Others may have dental problems that they are embarrassed about. Dentists, of course, are aware of these fears, which is why they value staff that can help put patients at ease.

dental hygienist career Being a compassionate dental hygienist can help patients feel more comfortable

If you are compassionate by nature, then you could be seen by many nervous patients as a reassuring presence at the dental office. This is something that dentists will appreciate, as it will make their job a lot easier and will likely encourage patients to return to their office for future dental work.

2. You May Be a Great Fit as a Dental Hygienist If You’re a Hands-On Person

Dental hygienists are the very embodiment of hands-on people. If you pursue a dental hygienist career, you’ll be using a variety of handheld tools to complete many important dental hygiene jobs throughout the workday. For example, you’ll be applying sealants, removing stains, scaling teeth, and applying fluoride treatments—all of which are skills you’ll also learn in your dental hygienist courses.

The hands-on nature of the work that dental hygienists do tends to be very detailed, since these professionals work on peoples’ teeth. If you’re the type of person who enjoys hands-on, practical work, and you take great pride in doing that work well, then becoming a dental hygienist may be right for you.

3. Being an Effective Communicator Will Help You Thrive as a Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists also tend to be great communicators. That’s because a large part of the job is spent communicating with patients about the importance of oral hygiene. In fact, in your dental hygiene course, you’ll learn how to instruct patients in oral hygiene procedures. By being able to relay this information effectively, you can help patients stay on top of their oral health.

dental hygienist course At Oxford College, you’ll learn how to instruct patients in oral hygiene procedures

You’ll also need to be able to communicate with the dentist. Patients may spend more time with the dental hygienist than they do with the dentist, and they may tell you about oral health issues that they have been experiencing. As a dental hygienist, you’ll need to act as an intermediary between the patient and the dentist and inform the dentist of any oral health issues that the patient tells you about. If you’re a great communicator, this can help you relay that information effectively.

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