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4 Reasons Completing a Clinical Research Course in Ontario is an Excellent Choice

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There’s no doubt that the province of Ontario is the place to pursue a lucrative and successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. The Ontario government is spending millions of dollars funding research projects all across the province to help innovate and improve Canada’s already highly prosperous pharmaceutical industry.

This investment in pharmaceutical research and development could help create a number of different opportunities for graduates of clinical research courses. Read on to learn more about the exciting prospects that could be waiting for you.

1. Expected Growth of Opportunities for Graduates of Clinical Research Classes

The job opportunities and potential for advancement for clinical research graduates in Ontario is impressive, with the province being home to four of the ten most prestigious research hospitals in all of Canada.

What’s more, the Canadian government spends close to 56% of its research and development budget in Ontario alone. The province is also home to a number of renowned pharmaceutical companies, which supply up to 73% of the drugs and other pharmaceutical products being transported from Canada to the US.

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 Graduates of pharmaceutical courses in Ontario can expect job growth

With such a booming pharmaceutical sector, it’s no wonder that there are over 3,200 clinical trials being performed in Ontario, meaning graduates completing a clinical research diploma in the province will have plenty of possible career options upon graduation.

2. Ontario is Home to Leading Academic Research Institutes

There are over four top research institutes in Ontario alone that help Canada’s growing pharmaceutical sector stay competitive with other countries. Centres like the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute and the Ottawa Heart Institute are on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical innovation, developing and testing medications, devices, and other products to treat a variety of different illnesses.

They may also take measures to determine whether or not different research proposals are clinically sound before passing them on to trials. Many of these projects lead to important innovations that could have major applications for drug companies in Canada’s growing pharmaceutical industry.

3. Ontario is a Province with Plenty of Clinical Research Funding

There’s no shortage of funding for clinical research and pharmaceutical developments to help further the growth of the Ontario pharmaceutical industry. For instance, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research has invested a grand total of $667M to help fund clinical health research.

Many large pharmaceutical companies have also made major contributions to helping expand the sector, with Roche Canada spending $190M to build a global pharmaceutical development site in Ontario. Taro Pharmaceuticals, meanwhile, has spent close to double that amount to develop new equipment for drug manufacturing and research that could improve the efficiency and productivity of their facilities, and perhaps other pharmaceutical companies across the country in the future.

4. OICR Initiatives are a Great Reason for Taking Clinical Research Courses in Ontario

In 2017, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) moved forward with five different initiatives resulting in funding of about $24M for research into treating acute Leukemia, as well as brain, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers.

Top scientists and R&D professionals have also conducted several clinical research trials for early prostate cancer and immune-oncology that could lead to major developments in treatments to slow down or reverse the effects of some cancers.

With all of this in mind, choosing to complete a top clinical research course in Ontario would put students on the frontlines of clinical research, and make them an integral part of the future of Canada’s pharmaceutical industry.

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 Be a part of Canada’s thriving pharmaceutical industry with a clinical research degree

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