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5 Ways a Career in Denturism Can Improve Lives

Have you always wanted a career that would let you make a difference? If you’ve always wanted to help other people, denturism may be the perfect career for you. Denturists create full dentures, partial dentures, and other oral prostheses for patients. They can work in dental offices, or they can be self-employed.

No matter where they work, they can improve the lives of their patients.

Here are five ways your career in denturism can improve lives.

1. Give Patients Their Smiles Back

A smile is one of the first things people notice about each other. For people who are missing some or all of their teeth, smiling can be uncomfortable. They may avoid smiling in public and may not smile in their photographs.

As a denturist, you’ll be able to give these patients their smiles back. By creating custom-made partial or full dentures, you’ll replace their missing teeth. The dentures will fill the gaps in your patients’ teeth and allow them to smile again.

2. Improve Patients’ Confidence

The appearance of people’s teeth has a big effect on their confidence levels. This goes far beyond just being uncomfortable about smiling. When people are missing some or all of their teeth, they may worry they won’t be able to find a partner. They may worry the state of their teeth will hold them back in the job market.

With your career in denturism, you can give your patients a confidence boost. After you’ve created perfect dentures for your patients, they’ll feel confident about the look of their teeth.

3. Help Patients Eat Their Favourite Foods

Missing teeth can limit the types of foods people can eat. Your patients may be stuck eating a soft foods diet since they can’t chew the foods they like. For example, they may be eating a lot of hot cereals, pureed foods, or mushy, boiled vegetables. On this type of diet, it’s hard for people to go out to restaurants or eat meals with their friends.

As a denturist, you can change this. By giving your patients their teeth back, you give them the ability to eat many of their favourite foods again. After months or years of a soft foods diet, being able to eat favourites like steak or corn on the cob is a great feeling.

4. Improve Patients’ Speech

Teeth aren’t just for chewing. Teeth also play a role in speech. When you talk, your tongue, lips, and teeth work together to produce sounds. For people who are missing some or all of their teeth, this is bad news. They may slur their speech or have a lisp due to their missing teeth. They can also have trouble pronouncing some sounds, like F, V, S, T, and E.

Since dentures replace missing teeth, they can help your patients with their speech problems. Once your patients get used to talking while wearing dentures, their speech should be improved. Regaining the ability to speak normally can have a major effect on quality of life.

5. Make Dentures More Comfortable

As a denturist, you won’t always be creating dentures from scratch. You’ll also be adjusting existing dentures to make them more comfortable. People’s mouths change over time, and dentures that used to fit perfectly will become loose and uncomfortable. These people will come to you for help.

You’ll get to reline or rebase dentures to give patients the perfect fit. Once you’re done adjusting the dentures, they’ll be more comfortable. Thanks to you, your patients won’t have to worry about their dentures slipping out when they’re eating or talking. They won’t feel their dentures rubbing uncomfortably against their gums.

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