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Mr. Badar is an absolutely amazing teacher, his patience, understanding and devotion to the students made it much more easy for us to adjust to the online learning. He was there for us no matter what time of the day and he made sure we understood all that we were learning. He had a exceptional way of explaining the material and if we had questions he answered them one by one, even though at one point we were about 54 or 56 students in his class, he made all of us feel welcome and included and it felt like he really enjoyed teaching. I remember one time he wasn’t feeling well, but he stayed on Zoom until we all understood what we had to do, and then the next day asked to help anyone that had trouble. He is absolutely one of the BEST teachers out there, and Oxford College and the students that get him as an instructor are very lucky to have him. We fninshed with his modules about a week ago but we miss him so much and we talk about him every day.

Besa Ganjolla, MLT Student

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