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Julia Duong

I just want to thank you so much for being with us this hard and long module Anatomy & Physiology II for esthetic. You gave us a learning by ourselves through reading and doing review questions for very clear and deep understanding. I don’t know other students, but for me I like this method because I understood all chapter so well.

I imagine if other ways were composed by power point by teacher, we just received information but not understand deeply.

I am very comfortable and excited in learning your module everyday without stress and worrying.

You also are strict in doing homework for students. The more you concern The more student think it isn’t a joke.

I know everyone has their own circumstances, but some they do not have good attitude in learning, but you cared them and accepted their behavior and solved problems perfectly in your way.

Thank you so much again one more time. I hope we could apply this module in the real -life practice to improve our profession career.

Julia Duong

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