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Why a Denturist Career Could be Right for You

denturist course

The thrill of helping people feel better is often the primary reason why people get into healthcare professions, and denturism is no different. Those working in this field examine patients with a view to designing, constructing and repairing removable dentures, helping to restore their winning smiles and making it possible for them to enjoy all their favourite foods.

A career as a denturist suits individuals with a creative mind and good communications skills, consistently provides new challenges, and can be tremendously personally and financially rewarding. Read on to find out why this could be the perfect path for you.

Denturism is a Unique, In-Demand Profession

A denturist career is very closely aligned to that of a dentist, but requires specialized skills in order to meet patients’ needs. Denturists are tasked with creating partial dentures to replace missing teeth, as well as complete dentures when no teeth are left on the lower or upper arch of the mouth. They also repair or reline dentures which require adjustments on an ongoing basis.

Only around 2,000 people are recognized as denturists in Canada, making it quite a unique profession. The latest official Job bank stats (September 2017) also reveal that the average denturist earns almost $48,500 per year in Canada, while the highest earners in the field can bring in over $110,000 per year, meaning it can be quite lucrative. The field also offers the opportunity to run your own business, as many qualified denturists opt to set up their own private practices.

In addition, Canada is seen as one of the world leaders in the field, meaning that the skills learned and experience gained in this country will be highly sought after should you decide to try and establish yourself abroad. Despite this, specialized training is not that widely available in the country. The denturist program at Oxford College, for example, is one the few of its kind offered by Canadian private career colleges.

A Denturist Career can be Surprisingly Rewarding on a Personal Level

People can be very self-conscious about their teeth, so denturists have the opportunity to lift their patients’ spirits through their work. Canadian denturist Tim Berkenbosch highlighted the satisfaction of the job in an interview with, saying that it’s “fulfilling to be able to see someone who comes in and give them the smile and the confidence to go and reach their own dreams”.

It’s important to remember that the importance of dentures is not only aesthetic. They give your clients much more freedom when it comes to their food choices, meaning they don’t have to avoid tough substances as a result of dental problems. This can be vital to helping a patient maintain their enjoyment of eating, and contribute positively to their overall quality of life.

 denturist careerDentures can make tough foods, such as steak, much easier to enjoy

Denturism Offers Plenty of Day-to-Day Variety

It’s always nice to switch up your daily routine so you don’t become bored or frustrated, and a denturist career offers plenty of variety. Throughout the course of your work, you will have the chance to work alone as you design and construct dentures and implants, as well as directly with patients when measuring and making impressions of their teeth, gums and jaws, and fitting their dentures once they have been installed.

 denturist programDenturism is a hands-on career which provides a pleasant mix of working environments

Not only that, but while denturists have a steady flow of new clients, you will also find yourself dealing  with a number of patients on a continuous basis, as you regularly repair and modify their dentures to suit their needs. This will allow you to build a solid rapport with them, making it all the more satisfying when you see the difference your work makes in their lives.

Does this sound like a career which suits your skills and interests?

Find out more about the denturist course at Oxford College.

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