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How Much Does a Denturist Make a Year in Ontario?

Do you need to find a new career with a higher salary? There are many exciting careers that can help you provide for yourself and your family. One of the careers you may not be aware of is denturism. Denturism professionals are responsible for creating and repairing dentures.

For career changers, salary is very important. Before you seriously consider becoming a denturist, you need to make sure the profession pays enough to meet your needs. So, how much does a denturist make in Ontario?

Wages of Denturists in Ontario

In Ontario, denturism professionals make a good salary. According to the most recent Job Bank data (updated in November 2016), people in this field enjoy a median salary of $43,151. However, wages for denturism professionals can vary. That’s because a large number of people in this occupation are self-employed.

On the low end, denturists in Ontario make $25,990, according to JobBank. That figure could represent denturism professionals who choose to work part-time while pursuing other interests. It could also represent people who are just getting their businesses started and working on growing their denturism practices.

Established denturists can make a lot of money. On the high end of the salary spectrum, they make $120,008 in Ontario. This figure could represent denturism professionals who own their own successful denturism practices. If you work hard and grow your business, you could enjoy this type of salary.

What to Expect in a Denturism Career

Salary isn’t the only thing to think about when you’re planning a career change. You also need to think about the day-to-day responsibilities of your new career. If you’re not interested in the daily tasks, a high salary won’t make up for that.

As a denturist, you’ll be responsible for providing dentures directly to your patients. To start, you’ll examine patients’ mouths and take measurements. Then you’ll take impressions of patients’ gums and teeth. With the impressions, you can start creating patients’ dentures. You’ll use materials like acrylic to form the dentures. Once the dentures are ready, you’ll insert them into patients’ mouths and make sure the fit is good.

Another part of your job will be repairing dentures. For example, a patient could bite a hard object and crack the dentures. You’d need to make necessary repairs to ensure the dentures are safe to wear.

Adjusting the fit of dentures is another important task you’ll perform. When people don’t have natural teeth, their jawbones shrink over time. Dentures that used to fit perfectly will start to become loose and uncomfortable. It’ll be your job to reline the dentures to make them fit well again.

How to Start a Career in Denturism

To start your new career in denturism, you’ll need to go to college. Denturism is a niche program, and there are only six colleges in all of Canada that offer it. Four of the denturism college programs are in Ontario.

The course content for denturism programs can vary between colleges. At most colleges, you can expect to study theory such as general anatomy, orofacial anatomy, and oral pathology. You’ll also learn hands-on skills, including how to create partial dentures, complete dentures, and dentures over implants. By the time you graduate from college, you should be very comfortable with all aspects of denturism.

After you graduate, you need to take a qualifying examination. The College of Denturists of Ontario offers this examination. It examines your knowledge of denturism competencies and standards of practice. Once you pass the examination, you’ll then be allowed to start working in the denturism field.

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